So, today is about the coral reef.

Ep 53(?): Narwhal

In this update, you get the power to controll a majestic Narwhal (if you don't know what that is, click here .). You can use it to imapale pygmies, or you can use it to spread "magic" onto the pygmies. This will make the pygmies sparkle, and then they will reacte differently to their surroundings. I'll update this one for a picture of a sparkling pygmy.

Ep 54(?): Giant Squid vs Killer Octopus

A take on the many movies about two big, monsterous animals (such as Giant Shark vs Killer Croc, ect.), you can summon a Giant Squid or a Killer Octopus.

Giant Squid

The giant squid wraps it's tenticles around pygmies to kill them, and eats them alive. It also shoots laser beams out of it's eye if you poke it there.

Killer Octopus

The killer octopus takes pygmies and strangles them to death with it's tenticles. It will also squirt out ink onto the pygmies, which makes them fall down to the bottom of the ocean.

Well, that's all for now. Tomorow I'll come up with a better idea, and also it will be my first idea for PG:F!

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