Some greate updates for the Island of Misfit Crossovers comes to mind right. . .


=== '''Ep. ?: Take the fruit if you dare!=== This is based on the game Temple run. Take the fruit if you dare! comes from the Take the idol if you dare! Thing that is the start button. In this, you give a pygmy a fruit from the Gumdrop tree, and when he bites into it, demon monkies pop out of the ground, chasing the pygmy onto the left screen. This leds you to a 2D, Dream Island themed version of Temple Run. For this trade, Temple Run gets to make a Pygmy Charictor you can buy in the shop! Wouldn't that seem nice!

Ep. ?: Angry Turds

Since Dave and Allen like to add poo-themed things into the game, how about a Angry birds update where you throw poo at the pygmies. You get this by turning on the catapolt, and putting a Pygmy on it, making him shoot up onto the first level (of 3). There are different types of poo, however. One is the big dino poo. the other is the Dodo-bird poo (you throw the bird, tap the screen and it poos, making the bird fly away), and the Ant poo (which breaks into 3 smaller chunks), and of course you have the Regular poo. For this, the Angry Birds guys can make a Pocket God-themed level thing, where the Birds are different colored Pygmies.

Ep. ?: Pygmy Slicer

Obviosly, Fruit Ninja. You toggle on the Sword, and then you drop it on one of the pygmies. This kills the pygmy and starts the mini-game. Pygmies drop from the sky and you have to slice them. However, if you slice the Idol (on sand Island), you're dead, and if you miss three pygmies your dead. In extange, Fruit Ninja could add a Dino Egg fruit you have to hit three times to open it, and then a baby dinosoar eats the other fruit, giving you triple points.

Ep. ?: Cut the Throught!

You start it by taking a nose, and then you choke a pygmie. This starts the mini-game. The game is much like Cut the Rope, exept you cut the ropes so the pygmies fall to the bottom of the screen, where the hungry squid is. there are only three levels. In return, Cut the Rope could make a world Called the Pocket Box, based on the theme of pocket god, and giving Om Nom a coconut instead of a piece of candy.

Well, that's it for now. I'm planning on putting out pictures for these ideas soon. Next time, I'm gonna tell you about a PG:JtU Update Idea that is long overdue!

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