The Vampire Bat is a bat that first apeared in 'Ep 10: Hi Dracula!'.

The Vampire Bat


It has two sharp fangs, red eyes, and it is colored a dark brown.


The Vampire Bat only appears at night. To make it appear, you must tap on the moon. When it appears, it will fly down to a sleeping Pygmy and bite it, turning it into a Vampire Pygmy. If you make the sun rise while the vampire bat is out, it will fly away. If you tap it when it appears, it will fall into the water. It can be picked up by a hurricane.


  • Of all the creatures in Pocket God, the vampire bat is the least interactive with the player.
    Vampire pygmy copy

    The king of the night!

  • Originally, creating a hurricane while the vampire bat is on-screen causes it to fly away.
    • However, making the Sun rise still causes it to fly away.
  • In Ep 32: Crack is Wack, in the lava tube, during 'The Runs' minigame, a group of bats can be seen flying in the background. It is unknown if these are vampire bats or just another kind of bat.
  • If a Pygmy wakes up just before being bitten, the vampire bat flies back up and waits until the pygmy falls asleep again.
  • Due to its ability to turn pygmies into vampires, there is a chance that the vampire bat is really a vampire in bat form. This is supported by the bat sharing features with the Pygmies.
  • It can be summoned everywhere but on Apocalypse Island and its temple rooms.