Charlie as the Vatican Assassin Warlock in the Ep. 38 graphic

Vatican Assassin Warlock is an alternate Pygmy form, specifically the Pygmy Charlie, in Pocket God. It was introduced in Ep 38: Two and a Half Pygmies.



This form of Charlie has an ordinary Pygmy body with the grass skirt and Pygmy arms and legs. However, it has a white and gold bishop hat (or mitre) and a golden staff in the shape of a cross. The most striking thing about this form of Charlie is his eyes, which give off blinding light.

How to Create It

There are two ways to create it:

  • Make it nighttime (drag the sun below the horizon, making it the Moon). Then, as the Pygmies are sleeping, tap the Moon a few times to summon the Vampire Bat. The vampire bat will bite a sleeping Pygmy, making a Vampire Pygmy. Then, when Charlie feels like it, he will turn into the Vatican Assassin Warlock and proclaim "I'm a High Priest Vatican Assassin Warlock" and the Vampire will explode the same way it does if you bring the sun back up (presumably because one of a vampire's weaknesses is the cross ).
  • Summon the Storm Clouds. If Charlie doesn't get close enough to a Pygmy to perform his Tiger Pygmy slice in half action, he may take on his Vatican Assassin form and summon a bolt of Lightning from the sky to kill a Pygmy.

See Also


  • The Vatican Assassin Warlock is the only Pygmy that can perform actions the player can, like Lightning.
  • It is one of the only other ways to kill a Vampire Pygmy by making it explode and the only Pygmy way to do it.