Venus Queen is a Rival God encountered in Pocket God Facebook. She challenges the player after an overuse of the Venus Flytrap.


This god is a female venus flytrap wearing two gold bracelets around her stem. Atop her viciously sharp smile sits a gold and purple crown, which holds back her five large purple petals.


The challenge states that the player has 72 hours to sacrifice 100 Pygmies with the Flytrap with the help of a maximum of 5 friends to be rewarded 500 experience and 5000 sacrifice points. Her message is:

The Queen believes flowers are for peace and love. You believe differently.

When you complete this sacrifice, The Venus Queen will become an idol.


The Venus Queen idol is light green and shining. It is three pink triangle gems and a sparkling light green leaves. When used as an idol, the statue gives double experience when using the venus flytrap.


  • The Venus Queen is seen as a shadowy figure in the title screen of Facebook Ep. 2: Clash of the Frightened
  • She, The Warmonger, and The Volcano God are the only gods in the title card without red eyes.
  • The Venus Queen, Kali, The Night Mare and Mother Nature are currently the only female rival gods.
  • Despite her fearful appearance and the viciousness of the plant that she is god of, her challenge message seems as if her reason for challenging the player is because she disapproves of the evil use her plants are being put to.

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