The Virus God is one of the idols in the Battle of the Gods mini-game. It is the idol for Ep 46: Germs of Endearment.


The virus god is shaped like a green sphere, with many appendages sticking out its sides. In the center of its face is a red eye, and a mouth with 5 sharp-looking teeth.


  • Enter the Plague Room. (Hollah! Chamber of Squalor!.)
  • Enter the Purification Room. (Visit the clean room.)
  • Drop Pygmy in Plague Fountain. (Bathe in the filth.)
  • Drop alternate Pygmy in Plague Fountain. (Fountain hopping is fun for all!)
  • Drop Pygmy in Purification Fountain. (Cleanse your soul!)
  • Drop alternate Pygmy in purification Fountain. (Spa open to public.)
  • Pygmy dies from plague. (Sick to death!)
  • Pygmy killed by purification. (Disrupting natural order is deadly.)
  • Pygmy picks up plague corpse. (Boy, you gotta carry that weight.)
  • Pygmy throws plague corpse on fire. (Throw another log on the fire.)
  • Pygmy corpse burned by fire. (Heat kills microbes.)
  • Hurricane picks up plague corpse. (Illin' in the Whirlwind.)
  • Sick Pygmy coughs. (Can you hack it?)
  • Sick Pygmy barfs. (Lose your lunch.)
  • Sick Pygmy sneezes. (Disease is snot funny!)
  • Sick Pygmy baby poops. (Slide into first, feel something burst)
  • Pygmy sprays purification. (Spray it don't say it.)
  • Purified Pygmy cleans hands. (OCD behavior.)
  • Pygmy infected with germs. (Your body is their wonderland.)
  • Pygmy becomes sprayed with purification. (Sprayed with pure hell!)
  • Fishing pole infected with germs. (Unsanitary food service.)
  • Outhouse infected with germs. (Germs in the house!)
  • Igloo infected with germs. (Spew in the 'gloo.)
  • Firewood infected with germs. (Sick sticks.)
  • Ape altar infected with germs. (Stretch germ-strong.)
  • Ape mountain bongos infected with germs. (Drum with scum.)
  • Ape mountain winch infected with germs. (Germ turn.)
  • Pygmy infected from fishing pole. (Catch TWO with this.)
  • Pygmy infected in outhouse. (Caught on the pot.)
  • Pygmy infected in igloo. (New meaning for catching cold.)
  • Pygmy infected by firewood. (Unkindly kindling.)
  • Pygmy infected by ape altar. (Tainted ape feeder.)
  • Pygmy infected by ape bongos. ('Beat' the infection.)
  • Pygmy infected by ape winch. (Take a turn for the worse.)
  • Pygmy infected by plague corpse. (Beware of the dead.)
  • Use Tsunami to clear plague. (Wave away disease.)
  • Give giant ape the plague. (The giant killer.)
  • Give shark the plague. (Tainted sea food.)
  • Give the T-Rex the plague. (Make the dino sore.)
  • Give monkey the plague. (Don't want to be your monkey wretch.)

Level Up Tasks

  • Give ape the plague.
  • Pygmy killed by purification.
  • Plague corpse burned by fire.

Battle Info

    • When the idol is invoked, the Pygmy gains a white glow around his hands.
    • On the attack, the Pygmy dashes forward, jumps in the air, and shoots white balls of energy at the enemy Pygmy.
    • If the enemy Pygmy is defeated by this attack, a whirlwind comes out of a hole in the ground, carries the enemy Pygmy around the screen for a second, then drops down the hole with the Pygmy.
  • A victory in the battle gains your four idols ??? points toward Level Up.

Level Stats

Level Health Damage Special Power
1 25 20 40
2 50 40 80
3 75 60 120
4 100 80 160
5 125 100 200
6 150 120 240
7 175 140 280
8 200 160 320
9 225 180 360
10 250 200 400
11 275 220 440
12 300 240 480
13 325 260 520
14 350 280 560
15 375 300 600
16 400 320 640
17 425 340 680
18 450 360 720
19 475 380 760
20 500 400 800


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