Beginning screen for this mini-game

Volcano Blast is a mini-game in Pocket God: Journey To Uranus. It can be accessed from the planet Earth.


How to Access It

To begin the mini-game, flick a Pygmy into the Volcano. Smoke will come out of it, and the mini-game will begin.

Playing the Mini-Game

After three Pygmies shot inside, first volcano will level out, and a new one will shoot out of the water. This cycle will keep continuing until you anger the volcano god by not feeding it promptly enough, thus ending the mini-game. Other than the regenerating volcanoes, you’ll also have to deal with changing winds. Tossing the pygmies is no longer as straightforward since they can be blown off course. Each flick into the volcano counts as one point, making it erupt gives ten, and burning a Pygmy with lava also gives one point. There are also various other bonus points that you can get in this mini-game.

Other Obstacles

Sometimes a Pirate Ship will sail past or an Octopus will surface. If you hit the pirate ship, you earn 100 points. The pirate ship can be hit multiple times, each hit awarding 100 points. The octopus awards a staggering 200 points, compared to one for hitting the volcano. However, the octopus may only be hit one time per surfacing. However, one should not be sidetracked by these distractions. Pygmies must still be flung into the volcano, or the minigame will end.


  • It is the first time the volcano has had its own mini-game.
  • It has somewhat a similar concept to Paper Toss, only that the volcano is the "trash can" and the pygmies are the "crumpled paper balls".