Wilbur's tribe is a pygmie tribe lead by Wilbur on Pocket God Facebook. The tribe was added in update Facebook Ep. 11 1/2: Visit Your Friends! in whitch the tribe was added to default friends, you van visit the tribe any time you want.As of May 2012, Wilson's island is the Big Island and contains the Magic Mushrooms plant, the idol of The Harvester, the Tar Pit, and the Weapon Rack. In

Wilbur the tribe leader

the air flies the Chubby Turkey,Fat Cupid floats on his cloud, and the Reef Guardian bubbles below the waves in the background. The Storm Clouds are toggled on. All the members of the tribe have been custimized and named.


  • Wilbur
  • Meow
  • Mjav
  • Nya
  • Miaou
  • Miau
  • Wilburisland

    The tribe


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