Win a trip to Uranus! (known simply as Uranus as an idol) is a global challenge in Pocket God Facebook in honor of April Fool's Day. It is the third global challenge of the game and was released in Facebook Ep. 5: Archipela-go-go.


Involving blasting Pygmies into space by having them eat normal food, this is the third worldwide challenge (meaning every player pitches in to defeat the challenge). Certain aspects of the challenge (see below) were an April Fool's joke. Given the nature of the challenge, it is sometimes referred to as the "Bomb Surprise Challenge" or simply the "April Fool's Day Challenge".


This challenge was to play pranks on Pygmies by feeding them normal food which results in blasting them off to space as if they had eaten a Bomb Fruit. The challenge was:

Play an April Fool's prank on your Pygmies. Feed them normal food and see what happens. Win a trip to Uranus.

The loot to share was originally 10000000 experience points and 25000000 Sacrifice Points. However, the original number to sacrifice, 10000000, turned out to be an April Fool's joke and was changed to make the game easier, and with it the awarded experience points changed to 600,000 and the awarded sacrifice points changed to 15000000.


When the challenge was beaten, everyone who took part was awarded an idol and a share of the loot. The victory message was:

You've sent so many Pygmies to Uranus using food. Too bad the promise of the trip was a joke.

The idol is a stone idol with the planet Uranus on a pedestal that glows intermittently. The Uranus idol gives 4x experience when the player uses a Bomb Fruit, hence the nature of what would happen when Pygmies ate normal food during this challenge.