Xenu, (also known as Lord Xenu, though not to be confused with the idol Lord Xenu) is the evil squid-like alien God, introduced in Ep 47: Apocalypse Ow! of Pocket God. It is originated by a Baby Pygmy, being sacrificed by Tom, and is the bringer of the actual Apocalypse. He can be summoned inside the Xenu Altar, the secret Chamber found inside the Apocalypse Temple on Apocalypse Island.


Xenu looks like a dark-mud green giant squid, with five spots covered tentacles protruding from his body. It's head, wich is much bigger than the body, has a lot of beating veins on his forehead, two pairs of small tentacle-like appendages hanging from the side of his face, and two alien-like purple eyes, with pink pupils. It also have three pink tongues, coming out of his fanged mouth.


You can interact in three ways with Xenu, each of wich will result into the death of one, or more Pygmies:

  • If a Pygmy is dropped on its rigthtmost tentacle, Xenu will grab him, and then toss him in the air and eat him like pop corn.
  • If a Pygmy is dropped on its leftmost tentacle, Xenu will grab him, put him in its mouth with its tentacle, and then remove it, throwing away the devoured Pygmy's skeleton.
  • If two Half Pygmies are tropped both on his rightmost and leftmost tentacles, Xenu will begin a funny puppet show, and will finally eat both the Half Pygmies.

If Xenu is left alone for a while, it will occasionally roar, but it won't do anything else.

How to summon Xenu

To summon Xenu, you have to enter the Xenu Altar with Tom and a Baby Pygmy. Then you have to drop the Baby Pygmy on Tom; the guess-star Pygmy will then walk to the center of the room, and lift up the Baby Pygmy, sacrificing him, and making Xenu emerge from his ripped off body.

How to stop Xenu

To stop Xenu, you have to interact in any way with each Chamber (including the Xenu Altar), to obtain colored gems. Place them on their correct pedestals on the pillars of Apocalypse Temple, and Xenu will be trapped inside it.


  • Xenu is the first alien creature to appear on Pocket God IOS, along with the Thetans, but not the first to appear in the whole Pocket God franchise.
  • Xenu is the name of the main deity, in the Scientology cult.
  • Xenu's head is a mix between the one of the Halfmoon Mutant, and the one of a Predator.