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The Xenu Altar

The Xenu Altar, or Xenu Room is the seventh Chamber found inside the Apocalypse Temple. It was introduced in Ep 47: Apocalypse Ow!, along with the Closet Room.


This ancient styled Chamber is shaped like a typical pyramid room. The floor is a large yellowish stone plate, with some minimal decorations on it. On the side of the Chamber there are two segmented yellowish stone columns, the left one being interrupted by the room's stone door. On the center of the Chamber is a big stone staircase, with two demonic looking statues, with a purple gem on their forehead, on both sides. The background is a stone wall, with some decorations and with the Xenu's symbol carved on it, surrounded by the other six symbols. The lighting is provided by two giant braziers on the sides of the staircase.

After the Apocalypse starts, the chamber's back wall breaks, and reveals a cosmic purple landscape, with a lot of stars, a galaxy dust trail, and a light blue comet and a gray U.F.O. flying across the space. Xenu will also sit on the top of the staircase.

How to enter

After you have freed Tom from the Closet Room, bring him outside. The torches on the pedestals will light up, and the clock's hands will all point up and open, revealing a hole in the wall. Drop a Pygmy inside the hole.


How it began...

To start the Apocalypse, bring Tom and a baby pygmy inside the room and drop the baby on Tom. He will bring it in front of the stairs, then lift it in the air. The symbols on the wall will light up and the wall will break as the baby disturbingly turns into Xenu.

Using at least one of the actions of each room (including the Xenu Altar) in the temple will provide a colored gem. Place these gems on their respective colored flames outside the temple to ultimately end the Apocalypse.