Zeus the Old King is a Rival God that the player encounters when s/he overuses the god power of Lightning in Pocket God Facebook.


Zeus is a pure white palette swap of a regular Pygmy. He raises a lightning bolt over his head with his right arm.


The description of his challenge is:

Remember what he did to Prometheus, who stole his fire. Show him you won't go down that easily.

His old challenge is to sacrifice 250 Pygmies in 1 day. His regular challenge is to sacrifice 200 Pygmies in 5 days. His second challenge is to sacrifice 300 Pygmies in 62/3 days[citation needed]. His third challenge is to sacrifice 400 Pygmies in 7.5 days.


As an idol, Zeus appears to be made of clay. When active, the idol's lightning bolt will emanate sparks of electricity. It awards bonus experience for zapping Pygmies.