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The Zombie God is one of the idols in the Battle of the Gods mini-game. It is the idol for Ep 26: Dead Pygmy Walking, and was first seen in Ep 39: Challenge of the Gods.


The Zombie God is a stone statue of a Zombie Grave with a zombie monster climbing over it. The zombie has white eyes and crooked teeth.


  • Visit the graveyard Island. (Land of the dead.)
  • Dig grave. (Can you dig it?)
  • Drop the pygmy in the grave. (A grave mistake.)
  • Bury the Pygmy alive and turn into zombie. (Six feet under.)
  • Tap and kill the zombie. (Wake the dead.)
  • Zombie eats Pygmy brain. (Brain-­food.)
  • Zombie eats sleeping pygmy brains. (Dead asleep.)
  • Make the zombie dance. (The undead have moves!)

Level Up Tasks

  • Bury the Pygmy alive and turn into zombie.
  • Zombie eats Pygmy brain.

Battle Info

  • When the idol is invoked, the Pygmy gains a black bat-head shield and black bat-wing sword.
  • On the attack, the Pygmy braces himself against the enemy Pygmy's attack. If attacked by a fast opponent he then slashes the enemy with his sword.
  • If the enemy Pygmy is defeated by this attack, a hole opens under him. Dark hands grab the Pygmy and pull him in.
  • If the Pygmy wins the Realm match (invoking the idol's power), then the match is not over when he runs out of health. Instead, the Pygmy drops from the sky (like a newly created Pygmy) with a portion of his health and continues fighting.
    • This power lasts until the Pygmy dies (and is resurrected) or the power is cancelled.
  • A victory in the battle gains your four idols 3700 points toward Level Up.

Level Stats

As the Zombie God levels up, it offers more health for the resurrected Pygmy. However, the exact amount is difficult to measure.
Level Health Damage Resurrected health
1 30 25 25%
2 60 50 27%
3 90 75 29%
4 120 100 31%
5 150 125 33%
6 180 150 35%
7 210 175 37%
8 240 200 39%
9 270 225 41%
10 300 250 43%
11 330 275 45%
12 360 300 47%
13 390 325 49%
14 420 350 51%
15 450 375 53%
16 480 400 55%
17 510 425 57%
18 540 450 59%
19 570 475 61%
20 600 500 63%


  • The idol's grave has the same symbol as the grave on Graveyard Island, hinting that they are the same grave.
  • This is the third idol to represent a classic monster. The others are the Abyss God and the Vampire Bat God.

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