Zombie t-rex

The Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex (or Zombie T-Rex) is an animal that appeared in the Infestation issue of the Pocket God Comics and, later, in issue one of "A Quest Called Tribe" story arch.


The Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex has blue skin, white bones, and sharp teeth.


The Zombie Tyrannosaurus Rex first appeared after the Pygmies had killed all the Zombie Pygmies that had attacked them. It was going to attack them, but Nooby was friendly toward it so it obeyed him. It was last seen when Nooby gave it tough love and made it leave the island because he knew the island was no place for the dinosaur. Later, when the pygmy tribe travels with Sun to the unknown, searching for Newbie and the Jewel of Life, the Zombie T-rex helped our heroes by defeating the Squid that was attacking their boat. At the end of his appearance, he returns underwater, while Nooby said bye to him sadly.


  • It is the first undead animal to appear in the comics-the first undead creature was the zombified tribe in issue four.
  • He was called "chicken" by Nooby.